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Dr. Richard Nejat
Dr. Richard Nejat

Long Island Periodontist offering laser gum surgery, dental implants, denture alternatives and gum disease treatments in Franklin Square, Garden City, Long Island and Manhattan (NYC)

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Richard Nejat, DDS, is board-certified periodontist who consistently delivers the highest quality of care in gum disease treatment. He provides his patients with reconstructive, aesthetic, minimally invasive, computer-guided implant dentistry and same-day dental implant techniques, as well as the latest in gum disease treatment technologies, such as laser gum therapy. He is a pioneer of dental implant technology and minimally invasive gum surgery. In addition to maintaining private practices in Manhattan, Long Island and Nutley, New Jersey, Dr. Nejat donates his time and expertise to the "Give Back a Smile" and the "Smiles for Success" programs, helping those less fortunate receive proper dental care. In addition, he is perpetually involved in numerous clinical projects and publications.


As a seasoned laser periodontist Long Island, Dr. Nejat is very sensitive to the concerns of his patients. Dr. Nejat is a gentle and caring professional who believes in taking the time to explain all treatment options to his patients, and makes it a point to address each patient's concerns so that they are comfortable throughout the course of their treatment.

Dr. Nejat is frequently featured in the media and is well known in the industry for his lectures both nationally and internationally on a range of topics pertaining to advanced periodontics and implant dentistry, such as laser gum therapy, antibiotic therapy to treat gum disease, same-day dental implants to replace missing teeth and computer-guided implant dentistry, as well as various pain-free, minimally invasive dental implant placement techniques to replace — or avoid — dentures.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Nejat and learn more about your Long Island dental implants and smile makeover options, please contact Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry at (800) 414-9211.

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Dr. Richard Nejat received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from New York University and his certification in periodontics from State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has been recognized by the National Dental Honor Society for academic and clinical excellence in dentistry and is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at both New York University and Stony Brook University. Dr. Nejat is active in professional continuing education beyond the academic arena. He lectures nationally to an international group of peers at the American Academy of Periodontology, the Academy of Osseointegration annual meetings and other dental societies on many topics like minimally invasive and computer guided dental implant surgery, same-day dental implant placement surgery and periodontal plastic surgeries such as crown lengthening and laser gum surgery.

With four convenient locations, the cosmetic dentists at Advanced Periodontics & Dental Implants treat gum surgery Central New Jersey, Manhattan and Northern New Jersey patients.

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