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Guatemala Dental Team

Blvd. Vista Hermosa 24-00 Zona 15,
Vista Hermosa II, Edificio Domani, Oficina 1201,
Guatemala City, Guatemala. Central America

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Dr. Richard Nejat
Drs. Oscar Guerra Berducido
and Rodrigo Guerra Arriaga

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Why Travel to Guatemala for Cosmetic Dentistry?

What could be better than combining a relaxing vacation with expert, affordable dental treatment? The beautiful surroundings and lively atmosphere of Guatemala City will put a smile on your face. But why should you choose Guatemala for dental care?

Guatemala is located just two hours from Miami and Dallas, and has some of the best dental care in Latin America at incredible savings when compared to prices in the USA and Canada. Many dentists speak English, are trained internationally and are considered to be leaders in their field. Top clinics like Guatemala Dental Team demonstrate why Guatemala is an up-and-coming global dental tourism destination.

The country has an interesting history, diverse culture, meaningful traditions, beautiful handicrafts and impressive flora and fauna. The Guatemalan people are warm, friendly and famous for being so polite. The climate in Guatemala is mild and pleasant all year round. Known for excellent cuisine and shopping, Guatemala City is a hotspot for travelers seeking an exciting getaway. Hotels and food (as well as dental treatment!) are more affordably priced than cities in Mexico or Costa Rica.

After you've completed treatment with the father-and-son team of Dr. Oscar Guerra and Dr. Rodrigo Guerra, you can stroll around the people-friendly city, exploring museums and galleries at a leisurely pace. Browse around the city's shopping malls and eat at trendy restaurants. Looking for more excitement? Golf, fish or bird-watch while enjoying the beautiful weather. If you want to extend your vacation, visit Antigua, Lake Atitlán, Río Dulce or Tikal, or hop over to a nearby island.

Guatemala Dental Team has teamed up with some of the best hotels in the area to ensure that any individuals they refer to the hotels are well taken care of and provided with highly personalized service during their stay. In addition, thanks to their affiliations with experts in the local tourism industry, the team at Guatemala Dental Team can arrange transportation, personalized tours and much more for their patients.

Vista Real Guatemala Hotel

Dr. Guerra and the Vista Real Guatemala have a special package price for your stay while you are enhancing your smile. Discover Guatemala City's most luxurious getaway at the Vista Real Hotel. From elegant colonial architecture to breathtaking outdoor gardens, our property was designed to make every guest feel like royalty. Please review the hotel's website for photos and more information at: www.vistareal.com

Discover Guatemala City's most luxurious getaway at the Vista Real Hotel.

The Guatemala Dental Team clinics are located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. The neighborhood is lined with trees; it is peaceful and safe. For their patients' convenience, Guatemala Dental Team is situated close to restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores, banks, hotels, malls, museums, art galleries, movie theaters and more. You have access to everything you need to enjoy a pleasant stay in Guatemala.

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Learn More About Guatemala Dental Team

Oscar Guerra Berducido, DDS, and Rodrigo Guerra Arriaga, DDS, are highly professional, friendly, meticulous cosmetic dentists in Guatemala City. Dr. Oscar Guerra is a second-generation dentist, and Dr. Rodrigo Guerra is a third-generation dentist. Thanks to their gentle bedside manner and exceptional dental care, countless patients turn to this father-and-son team for their own dental needs as well as their children's. Dr. Oscar Guerra is the founder of their dental practice, Guatemala Dental Team. He has over 30 years of experience and has placed more than 1,200 dental implants. Outside of the office, Dr. Rodrigo Guerra volunteers his dental services to underserved communities throughout Guatemala, often participating in the Rotary Club's one-day dental clinics. By combining outstanding dental surgical skill with a caring demeanor, both dentists provide patients with overall exceptional dental care. In fact, they guarantee all their dental treatments and materials.

The dentists at Guatemala Dental Team are experienced in numerous cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments, including the placement of dental prosthetics such as dental implants, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers and dental bridges, among others. They also offer full mouth reconstruction, tooth whitening, root canal treatment and preventative dental care, in addition to a broad range of other dental services. The dentists at Guatemala Dental Team often work with foreign-based patients who combine their dental treatments with a vacation in beautiful Guatemala.

Guatemala Dental Team is a state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with the latest dental technology. The dentists have their own laboratory, which helps them provide rapid smile makeovers for local and out-of-town patients. Also, the Guatemala Dental Team facility is furnished with a number of amenities to make patients' experiences as relaxing as possible. These include Wi-Fi, complimentary beverages, a comfortable waiting area and a beautiful view of the lush outside landscape.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Guerra to learn more about your general or cosmetic dentistry options, please contact Guatemala Dental Team by calling (305) 938-0727.

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What Do Patients Say about Their Experiences with Guatemala Dental Team?

"Very accommodating to our specific and personal needs. Although we found Doctors Guerra on an internet investigation, we found them immediately very accommodating to our specific and personal needs. The treatment went very well and stayed within the range of the quotes we were given. The offices are very clean and modern and I found all the staff very nice, friendly and professional. Dr. Guerra took a personal and professional interest in the follow-up as well. He called each day during the next week to see how I was doing during my recovery period from a wide range of procedures, both health oriented and beauty oriented." —Cheryl Herrera, N.Y.

"There are so many good things I can say about my experience. Like most people going to the dentist is not a pleasant time, but the trust I felt for the expertise, vision, and know-how of Dr. Rodrigo Guerra put me at ease. I respect their approach to dentistry, from the inside out. Instead of spending a few hours on veneers and a quick fix, he really gave thought to giving me complete dental health as well as a beautiful smile. Dr. Guerra was available for any questions and concerns I had after my dental work was finished and healing. If he hadn't heard from me, he made a point to call and check up and see how I was doing. Aside from the professional and friendly attitude, the office was clean and beautiful. I felt very comfortable. I was very lucky to have such a supportive team that was always there for me from beginning to end. The healing was not as bad as I had imagined, considering how extensive the job." —Sparrow, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"I went to see Dr. Rodrigo Guerra when I had an accident and broke my front tooth. From the moment I went into the clinic, the staff made me feel comfortable, so I didn't feel too nervous. Rodrigo, apart from assessing how serious the break was, he discovered that the adjacent tooth had a small fracture, which could affect me in the long term. He gave me several options to fix both teeth and recommended veneers. The care that I received was excellent. They not only focused on fixing my problem; they also considered how I would feel with the procedures that they would perform and left no detail to chance. What I realized is that, in addition to being excellent professionals, they have great empathy, which instills confidence in patients as to their treatment." —Pablo Fernando Gonzalez

"I have a problem of bone loss, which means I can easily lose several teeth. By recommendation of the doctor who attends my case, I went to the clinic the doctors Guerra, with Dr. Rodrigo Guerra who had previously attended me in the UFM. After analysing my case, they exposed some possibilities which were evaluated. They proceeded to do the work, which has worked very well for me and without any hassle. I liked the Dental Care Clinics Guerra, their punctuality and the courtesy of the staff." —E.S.A.

More about the Dentists at Guatemala Dental Team

Oscar Guerra Berducido, DDS, received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. He is committed to continuing education and has attended numerous national and international seminars on the topics of cosmetic dentistry and dental prosthetics. Dr. Guerra started his own dental laboratory in 1987, so he can fabricate the highest-quality dental prosthetics in the shortest amount of time possible. As the son of a dental prosthetics expert, Dr. Guerra is dedicated to upholding the superior standards in patient care and dental treatment that his father did.

Rodrigo Guerra Arriaga, DDS, earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry and dental prosthetics. Dr. Guerra is a third-generation physician who is dedicated to carrying on his father's and grandfather's commitment to demonstrating excellence in the field of dentistry.

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