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Cosmetic dentistry comprises a group of procedures that can be used to enhance the smile and improve self image. Many Los Angeles patients have taken advantage of cosmetic dentistry to improve their facial appearance. The most commonly performed procedures are dental implants, veneers and teeth whitening. Dental implants can be used to replace teeth. The advantage of implants, as opposed to a dental bridge, is that the surrounding teeth do not have to be destroyed in order to place the implant. Veneers are thin, highly durable layers of porcelain or other materials that cover the teeth and improve the smile. Teeth can become colored for a variety of reasons, including smoking and aging. Teeth whitening is used to reverse this discoloration of the teeth. Teeth whitening can be performed in the dental office setting or in the home. Additional dentistry procedures offered by these Los Angeles cosmetic dentists include Invisalign and traditional orthodontic treatments, gum disease and tooth decay treatments, bad breath and dry mouth treatments, and more. When considering cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, as well as across the US, it is best not to base a decision strictly on price. It is important to meet personally with the Los Angeles cosmetic dentist so as to learn about his or her background and experience. Also, viewing the results of previous patients provides insight into the quality of work performed by the dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry in LA

Patients can use the cosmetic dentist Los Angeles directory to help select a dentist to improve their smile. Often, patients travel to LA from around the United States and the world to enjoy the Los Angeles area and have a cosmetic dentistry procedure. The LA basin has a range of wonderful activities for these visitors, including city parks, state parks, museums, sporting events and more. The parks offer many activities such as golfing, hiking, camping and sailing. Also, the geography around Los Angeles is highly varied and offers each individual the chance to participate in a range of outdoor activities, including surfing and even snow skiing. Persons traveling to Los Angeles often arrive through one of the many area airports. The largest of these is Los Angeles International Airport known as LAX. Flights to and from virtually everywhere in the world arrive in LA everyday. LAX is located in Santa Monica about 10 minutes from Interstate 405. Depending on traffic, the airport is approximately a 45 minute drive to downtown LA and about 20 minutes to the beach communities of Venice and Manhattan Beach.


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For more information on being featured in the Dentist Directory, please click here to email us, or call 858-454-5505.